Frame by frame: Meandering through nature

By Simply the City Correspondent

The camera is a constant companion of Ashish Raj as he walks on many meandering paths, undiscovered and unexplored vistas to capture nature’s splendour. His debut show titled ‘Parvaaz’ that opened at Government Art Museum and Gallery, Sector 10, Chandigarh presents the amateur photographer’s view of the world around him.

Parvaaz 9
Interestingly, this journey of creativity and a deep connect with photography started about a year ago. “The expansive and landscaped lawns of my home in Saharanpur, which is an abode of nature, were the muse,” informs the 53-year-old.

Parvaaz 5
A man of varied interests and talents, Raj is a lawyer by education, businessman by profession, a farmer and philanthropist by choice and an artist by heart. A travel enthusiast, he believes in taking the road less travelled and engaging in varied activities including photography, which give new perspective to his life and work.

Parvaaz 12
The photographs on display at the show are in both colour and black and white with flowers, landscape, streets, spaces, clouds, birds, trees as the dominating themes. The well framed images capture the varied moods of life and the world around us. Raj zooms in on the flight of birds, the sky in various hues, the architectural elements of temples, churches and monuments that take us back in time, bare poplar trees in autumn, the sun playing hide and seek behind palm trees, the stark landscape of winter, the rocks in the Kosi river creating natural installations, kinnow-laden trees et al.

Parvaaz 6The photographs transport you to varied locations, with the colour contrasts and play of light creating works that strike new conversations. He credits his wife and daughters as his constant supporters and companions.

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