Meet a national award-winning dentist couple striving to give you the perfect smile

by Jagmeeta Thind Joy

THE mere thought of going to the dentist is an uncomfortable one. But with dental hygiene becoming an increasing cause of worry, not just among children but adults as well, a visit to the dentist every few months is a must. But a majority of us associate a visit to the dental clinic with excruciating pain, long course of treatment, fear of the worst, endless wait…to list a few. And these are exactly the things that this doctor couple from Chandigarh is looking to change. “Unfortunately, everyone cringes when it comes to talk of going to the dentist. It doesn’t have to be this way,” says Dr Sarabjeet Singh as meets us with his better half, Dr Navreet Sandhu.

Dentist 1
Dr Sarabjeet Singh and Dr Navreet Sandhu (PHOTO BY SUMIT KUMAR)

The National Honour

The two dentists – Dr Sarabjeet Singh is an orthodontist and specialises in ‘Speedo Orthodontics’ while Dr Navreet Sandhu is a prosthodontist – have been in dental practice for two decades and steer the city’s popular ‘The Perfect Smile Dental Clinic’ in Sector 35. Last week, the couple was felicitated with the ‘National Dental Excellence Award 2018’ for demonstrating “unparalleled dedication, innovation, creativity and excellence in the field of dentistry”. The annual award has been instituted by Prime Time Research Media Private Ltd, a leading market research, brand management and brand consultancy company.



‘Today getting braces is painless and shorter duration of treatment’

“It feels really good to be valued for one’s hard work,” said Dr Sarabjeet who has numerous publications and scientific papers to his credit. Having travelled the world, Dr Sarabjeet is an authority on ‘Speedo Orthodontics’. For the unaware, the field of orthodontics deals with diagnosis and correction of malpositioned teeth and jaws. Till some years ago, it meant painful braces, contraptions in the mouth and a long duration of treatment. “Speedo Orthodontics is a quick treatment and is painless. Technology has changed rapidly and today dental practice is about being as painless as possible and making the patient comfortable and stress-free,” explains Dr Sarabjeet who has put braces in over 20,000 patients.
A gold medalist from the prestigious Post-Graduate Institute of Medical Education and Research (PGIMER), Dr Singh also points out that unlike traditional treatments that used metal braces and rubber bands, today there are ceramic wires and the braces are virtually undetectable. “Also in accordance with the American Association of Orthodontists, it is recommended that children have their first orthodontic evaluation by the age of 7. People often delay and that can worsen the case,” says the dentist.

‘From seven-year-olds to senior citizens, braces can be put across ages’

Another myth that the dentist is keen to bust is that braces can’t be used after a certain age or that braces only work best for teenagers. “There has been a lot of advancement in the field of dentistry and now we have tools that help us correct teeth at all stages of life,” says Dr Sarabjeet as Dr Navreet adds, “It’s all about the right diagnosis and the right treatment.” It comes as little surprise when the two list out a slew of patients including professionals across age groups who have got braces put. “At the end of the day, everyone dreams of a perfect smile. We have people from all walks of life and all age groups coming to us for treatment,” informs Dr Sarabjeet.

Steering medical tourism in the region

Their state of the art clinic housed in Sector 35 offers the latest technology in dental treatment and has on board a team of specialists as well. “Apart from the latest machines and software we also work with lasers for painless and bloodless procedures,” informs Dr Navreet who specialises in implants. But unlike how braces are for everyone, that might not hold true for implants. “There are a range of implants available but it doesn’t work for everyone. The right diagnosis is a must,” explains Dr Navreet. The clinic’s high standard of hygiene, including an ISO 9001:2008 certification, and team of experts has made it a popular choice among international patients. “We have been treating patients from across the world. We have patients coming in from Europe, Australia, New Zealand, USA and Canada. The biggest draw for them is pricing, hygiene and skilled doctors,” informs Dr Sarabjeet.

Dentist 2
Dr Navreet Sandhu (left) and Dr Sarabjeet Singh (PHOTO BY SUMIT KUMAR)

When the dentists are off duty…

The affable couple who have a winning chemistry at the workplace as well are very particular about spending quality time with their two school-going sons. “Sundays are special and an off-day for us. We love to watch the latest movies. I am a big movie buff,” Dr Navreet smiles to say as Dr Sarabjeet adds how annual vacations are rarely missed too. As for their key to success, the two answer in unison – “hard work”.

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