Meet Saby Singh, the new artiste on the block who sings about ‘life, love and everything in-between’

Jagmeeta Thind Joy

AT 25, he admits to having a quarter-life crisis. For a young musician that’s perfect fodder for an album, right? “Of course,” quips Saby Singh. A young singer and songwriter, Singh hails from Anantnag district in Jammu and Kashmir and has made Chandigarh his home for the past few months. In a short span of time, he’s also managed to garner a steady fan following and growing interest in his music. We caught up with the singer a day prior to his show at Social in Sector 7. The performance was part of the eatery’s #SocialRepresent initiative that gives artistes from the region a platform to showcase their talent.

Saby Singh (3)

Classically trained musician
The singer credits his formal training in Hindustani Shastriya Sangeet to his maternal grandfather. “I grew up listening to him. He was a Raagi and his music and training has been a big influence in my life,” says Singh who feels Kashmir and his grandfather’s teaching have helped him keep his music pure and original. But as a young boy growing up in Kashmir, he didn’t limit his music selection when it came to listening. “Oh, I heard a lot of classic English rock too while growing up,” admits this Beatles and Led Zepplin fan.

Writing his own songs
Writing his own compositions admits Singh comes naturally to him. “My songs are a lot about love lost, regret, inconvenience…I like to put my thoughts into words. It helps me clear my mind,” says the soft-spoken singer. Interestingly, he first started writing in English before making the transition to Urdu. “I feel I am able to express myself better in Urdu. The words are more precise,” he points out.

Saby Singh (2)

Being an independent artiste
Currently touring Indian cities, live gigs are his platform. “It’s never easy making your mark as an independent artiste and there are days of struggle. Thankfully, today technology has made things easier. There are many online digital platforms and avenues like this where upcoming artistes can share their work,” says Singh who lived in Bangalore briefly before shifting base to Chandigarh.

His upcoming album
Saby is all geared up for the release of his new album, tentatively titled, ASMA. It is also the name of his latest single. “I have been releasing singles over the last few years and was keen to compile an album,” informs Singh who doesn’t feel his music can fit in one particular genre. “Most of my songs start on a soft, soulful note and tend to get more aggressive and power packed towards the end,” he smiles to say. And no, he isn’t making any statements on Kashmir or the situation back home in his work yet. “The songs are honest and people can relate to them in their own way,” says Singh who doesn’t perform back home. “For me, that’s home. It’s a place where I unwind,” he signs off.

You can hear Saby’s music here


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