Simple ideas to make your home look luxurious

Jasmit Thind

Altering your interiors to make it more comfortable and attractive to use does not necessarily mean spending a lot of money, but it does require careful thought. The success of an idea will depend on the skilful handling of space, colour, lighting, texture and pattern.

These elements have been handled in the interiors you admire the most, perhaps in other people’s homes, shop displays, or in magazines and books. With observation and imagination you can save money while making an attractive home.

I would like to share some of the ideas that will help make your home look expensive and beautiful.

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Keep the interior colours of your house in neutral hues for a richer look. Introduce bold, contrasting colours and textures like bright cushions, a couple of chairs etc.

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When you choose a colour scheme for a room, remember that colours do not look the same in artificial light as they do by the day. A room with a limited amount of light or colour tones can be cool and restful by day. When lit with subtlety, the same room can appear warm and cozy by night. Old lights can be replaced by new ones. Doing so instantly updates the ambience of the house.

Another way to make the house look expensive is to make the ceilings stand out especially in the living room, the lobby and also the drawing room. Architectural designs are great way to make a home look attractive and stand out.

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Invest in curtains that fall from the ceiling to the floor and are in coordination with the colour of the room and the upholstery.

Opt for tiles on the kitchen walls as it gives a luxurious look. Add a different tile design to add colour and interest. The cupboards and drawers can have a contrasting polish finish.

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The doors of the bedrooms and bathrooms can have frosted glass on them to get a feeling of space and luxury.

Give a coordinated look to bathrooms by accessorizing the hardware fittings instead of mismatched accessories. This can be done by matching the towel sets with other toiletries.

Indoor plants like ferns, Aracaria plant, palm etc can enrich the interiors by bringing in the greens. For a dash of colour, fresh cut flowers in vases of different shapes and sizes add to the rich look.

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Selected items of curios can be added to the lobby to give a dramatic appeal. Scented candles play a great role in enhancing the beauty of a room. Different shapes and sizes can be put at various corners of the house.

Make entry into the house a focal point. Use of dark rich colour on the door makes the entry point pop out.  One can flank the front door with tall planters on both sides.

The wall of the living room, the dining room can have one painting of interest – it could also be a photograph, a print etc. No need to have a clutter of frames on the wall. To get the luxurious look, a light fixture can be placed on top of the picture, so that it becomes the focal point.

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Walkways can be lit by lights or lanterns to make it more interesting. Plants of rich colour can be placed to give a luxurious look.

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