A treat for theatre lovers in the city: ‘Zindgi Retire Nahi Hoti’

For all those looking to catch a play this week, here’s one you shouldn’t miss. Zindgi Retire Nahi Hoti will be staged on September 28 at Tagore Theatre.

Zindgi (1)

About the Play

Zindgi Retire Nahin Hoti is a play about relationships between the elderly, the young and the not-so elderly. Retirement is an important point in the lives of people. It has been marked as a ‘happening’ in a person’s life that can accelerate the onset of all the health problems relating to old age. However, life does not end at retirement. And all our problems do not start at old age. The seeds have been sown much earlier when the banal 9 to 5 routine, the security blanket of a position, a designation and a regular salary obliterate all thoughts of tomorrow. It is a common story. Zindgi Retire Nahin Hoti takes a humourous look at life. It is performed in the interactive theatre mode. The play doesn’t merely serve a problem on the platter, but also provides an insight into issues related with family relationships. So the elder senior generation must apportion part of the blame, look beyond their expectations and bottled up grudges and grievances. As one character in the play says,

“… sab kuchh achha hi hoga

aisa koi niyam nahin,

har sapna sacha hoga

aisa koi niyam nahin…”

Zindgi (2)

Cast: G S Chani, Chandrashekar, Pragati Sharma, Jasvir Kumar, Chainis Gill, Jaswinder Singh, Abhimanyu, Rinku Jain, Prashasti Sharma, Jaspal Singh, Preeti Jain and Lakhwinder Singh

When: September 28

Where: Tagore Theatre, Sector 18, Chandigarh

Time: 6.30pm


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