Event Alert! Treat the kids this Thursday to ‘Hide and Seek’, this year’s annual production of YPS Junior Wing

This year’s annual production of Yadavindra Public School (YPS) Junior Wing is a play ‘Hide and Seek’. It will take you along on a journey of two unlikely friends, an amiable as well as erudite dragon and a spirited girl. It is an attempt at breaking stereotypes and rising above prejudices. It calls upon us to show trust in the instincts of our children even if they go against our preconceived notions.


What’s the play about?
The town of Chicagen discovers that a dragon lives near their village and assuming that it is a bloodthirsty monster, decides that it needs to be slain. A Knight, who incidentally is also a singer at heart, is roped in for the job by the Mayor of the town. Then Seek, a young girl who is adventurous and trusts her instincts, befriends the dragon and struggles to make all around her understand that every dragon is not a monster. The play is about the society’s discovery that it is high time we let go of our misplaced beliefs of trusting appearances and legends blindly. If we manage to do that, we can live in harmony with nature and all its creatures.

Where can you watch it?
The students of Class V are ready to bring the story of ‘Hide and Seek’ to life, at the Tagore Theatre on Thursday, October 12.

Play 2

Cast and crew
The director, Vijay Kumar and the staff of YPS, have successfully helped the young performers get into the skin of the characters they play on stage. The stage used for our practice sessions resonates with the passion and joy of the students at being a part of this memorable experience.



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